JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Breezy HR, the fastest growing Applicant Tracking System for small & medium sized businesses, today announced the release of their GDPR Compliance Kit, a suite of tools & features to help automate and simplify the process of staying General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant.

Made available at no additional cost, the GDPR Compliance Kit makes it simple for organizations to configure and personalize how they respond to key GDPR issues like candidate consent, candidates right to access and erasure, privacy notice, and data retention.

Key components of Breezy’s GDPR Compliance features let customers:

  • Automate Candidate Consent – Breezy allows customers to track and collect consent based on the type of candidate and source. Breezy will either add required consent fields to the application form, both on your Careers Site, through integrated 3rd party job boards or in the case of a sourced or referred candidate, send a customizable communication to the candidate describing your use of their information and capturing consent.
  • Candidate’s Right to Access – Breezy makes it easy for candidates to request a copy of personal information collected by customers organizations. Breezy can automatically bundle up all candidate information and the documents they’ve explicitly shared and email it to them.
  • Candidate’s Right to Erasure – Breezy provides a great set of both manual and automated tools for managing data erasure when a candidate requests that his/her data be deleted and no longer processed.
  • Data Retention – As their expiration date approaches, Breezy can automatically reach out to candidates to renew their consent or delete candidate information upon expiration.
  • Bulk Actions & Reporting – New GDPR bulk actions & reporting options help you stay on top of GDPR consent requirements and take action when needed.
  • Privacy Notice – Automatically share with candidates how their information will be used and stored in a customizable privacy notice.

Learn more about all of Breezy’s GDPR functionality at https://links.bzy.hr/gdpr-compliance.

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Breezy HR is a modern recruiting product that streamlines your hiring process, end-to-end; giving you more time to connect with candidates by automating manual tasks like job posts, advertising on job boards, interview scheduling and follow-ups. Breezy includes all the tools needed to hire more efficiently, from employee referrals and sourcing tools for LinkedIn and dozens of others to custom scorecards and interview guides, all backed up with powerful analytics and reporting. To see Breezy in action, sign up for a free trial at breezy.hr today.

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