MIAMI, June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Clear Sky Recovery, the world’s foremost experts in medically-based ibogaine treatment — and one of the world’s leading top-tier substance abuse treatment centers – has been spearheading ibogaine research, medical development, and treatment protocols for over twenty years.

Ibogaine is a naturally-occurring, plant-based medicine, which has been shown to alleviate upwards of 95% of withdrawal symptoms and interrupt the process of active addiction. It provides a painless and very rapid detox from opiates and opioids, stimulants, as well as alcohol and many other addictive drugs. Ibogaine is not a maintenance medication or substitution therapy, which replaces one highly-addictive molecule, with another equally or more addicting drug, which happens to be legal. Ibogaine works differently than other drug treatments, it provides efficacy in a single-administration modality (SAM).

Our scientists, researchers, and clinicians working with ibogaine to interrupt polysubstance abuse disorders, have spent decades of time evolving and fine-tuning our ibogaine treatment protocols and are very familiar with the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of ibogaine and its interaction with a broad spectrum of molecules such as heroin, OxyContin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other drugs. We structure our ibogaine treatment protocols based upon the best possible response to a given situation. Each treatment episode is custom-tailored and optimized for the medical condition and unique situation of the individual receiving ibogaine treatment.

America’s opioid epidemic has reached catastrophic levels, with absolutely no effective solutions available. The situation has resulted in a lack of options for US-based residents in need of alternative, holistic drug treatment that actually works. Clear Sky Recovery’s medically-based, clinically-managed, state-of-the-art, oceanfront private hospital in beautiful Cancun Mexico, was established to provide a luxurious yet cost-effective solution for patients who may have met with failure utilizing more conventional detox methodologies.

Our ibogaine safety protocols and drug-interaction database are extensive and greatly exceed the resources available to any other ibogaine detox clinic. We have access to the world’s largest database of ibogaine treatment episodes, dating back to the early-1990s and the work done at the University of Miami’s, Ibogaine Research Project, and Healing Visions Institute for Addiction Recovery, Ltd., at the St. Kitts research facility, West Indies.

Members of our team, under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Mash, developed the ibogaine treatment safety protocols which are foundational for all medically-based ibogaine treatment, in order to gain FDA approval to test on human subjects. Our group did all of the initial pharmacokinetic research on ibogaine metabolism in human, drug-dependent subjects, discovered ibogaine’s long-acting metabolite noribogaine, and proved efficacy of ibogaine in heroin withdrawal.

We are the only ibogaine treatment facility in the world whose founders and consultants are regularly published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We do evidence-based treatment predicated on the science behind ibogaine. We only engage in marketing based upon best medical practices. We will provide you with the safest, most effective ibogaine detoxification humanly possible.

While research is ongoing and countries such as Brazil now offer government-approved, medically-supervised ibogaine treatment, no such options are available to US residents in need of effective medication for treatment of drug dependence disorders.

“Unlike Clear Sky Recovery, many dishonest and self-styled Ibogaine clinics administer the drug in unsafe settings. Patients seeking Ibogaine treatment must be cautious before traveling abroad to take the drug without careful review of the program and the people behind it,” warns neuroscientist Dr. Deborah Mash, the world’s foremost scientific expert on ibogaine, in her recent paper, Breaking the cycle of opioid use disorder with Ibogaine, in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse’s, Jan 2018 issue. Dr. Mash highlights a recent 2017 ibogaine fatality in New Zealand, in a MAPS funded ibogaine study, and the haphazard methodology employed by unskilled lay providers on Mexico’s west coast. “This recent death underscores the persistent problem associated with the use of ibogaine in unregulated, nonmedical settings by unqualified persons. Ibogaine has complicated pharmacokinetics that contribute to concerns for careful dosing, potential drug interactions, and issues of cardiovascular safety.”

Clear Sky Recovery is owned and operated by medical director Dr. Alberto Sola, it was co-founded by neuroscientist Dr. Deborah Mash, the only researcher in history ever granted FDA approval to conduct pharmacokinetic and safety trials with ibogaine on human drug-dependent subjects within the United States

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Clear Sky Recovery offers a luxurious, medically-based, safe, effective and affordable, ibogaine detoxification program in a private oceanfront hospital located in beautiful Cancún, Mexico.

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