CAPE CORAL, Fla., May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The 20,000+ supporters of Florida Citizens Alliance find the violation of Florida Laws to be illegal and unacceptable indoctrination of our 2.8M public school students.

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Florida law (FS 1006.31) clearly states that instructional materials recommended to the school board for adoption shall be “accurate, objective, balanced, non-inflammatory.”

So why did the Charlotte County Florida School Board adopt social studies textbooks that violate Florida law?

Charlotte County residents presented their concerns to the school board and to the board appointed hearing officer. The hearing officer, Alfred C. Current, agreed with the residents’ concerns. In his report to the board he noted the presence of “bias, slant, and the introduction of unnecessary information with regards to lifestyle choices, religious views, and political persuasion that could be presented in a different fashion.”

The presence of “bias” and “slant” disqualifies the textbooks because Florida law (FS 1006.31.2) requires that textbooks be “accurate, objective, balanced, non-inflammatory.”

Further the hearing officer referenced concerns with the presentation of information regarding “lifestyle choices, religious views and political persuasion.” His observation reinforces the residents’ concerns that the textbooks violate Florida Statute 1006.31 (2)(d). This law specifically prohibits “any instructional materials that contain any matter reflecting unfairly upon persons because of their race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, or occupation.”

In spite of all this, on May 8, 2018, the Charlotte County Florida School Board adopted four social studies textbooks that violate Florida law. Why?

Residents of Collier County Florida face a similar situation. On May 8, 2018 the Collier County School Board, concurring with Superintendent Kamala Patton, adopted twenty-seven science textbooks. At least fifteen of the textbooks present evolution and man-made global warming as absolute fact. Both subjects remain far from settled in the scientific community and in the minds of the numerous Collier County residents expressing their concerns. Most importantly they violate Florida law (FS 1006.31.2) that requires textbooks to be “accurate, objective, balanced, non-inflammatory.”

Collier County resident, Keith Flaugh, summarized the residents’ concerns in his testimony. “My submissions contain extensive documentation to challenge these materials as absolute fact. Let me state clearly, I am not standing here to tell you one theory is right and one is wrong. (emphasis added) I am saying that you are legally bound to adopt materials that present the alternative views to our students as theories to allow them to make their own conclusions rather than intimidate and bully these young minds with a political agenda.”

Floridians expect elected officials to follow Florida law and set an example of exemplary citizenship.

So why are school board members acting lawlessly?

Why are Florida school boards violating Florida law?

Pastor Rick Stevens, Managing Director of Florida Citizens Alliance, 239-849-3775

Note: Florida Citizens Alliance is a state-wide grassroots alliance providing common-sense solutions for K-12 education in Florida. We’re a 501c(3) alliance united by the belief education is foundational to the preservation of liberty.


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