BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine going from being one of the best in the world in a sport where the ball travels upwards of 200 mph to creating a cookie company. Well that’s exactly what Corey Brysman has done. As everyone from family to close friends quietly sat back and watched, Corey did what many aspire to and only dream of doing. He created from absolutely nothing a unique, innovative, exciting, and downright amazing cookie company aptly named “Macdaddys Righteous Cookies.”

KUDOS TO DAD… Indeed, Corey would never have been able to do this without his father. That’s because Corey’s dad created the recipe. And what a recipe it is – Raisins, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chips… and that’s just a few of the many ingredients that make up his “Original Recipe” Cookie. Where this story gets even better is the company has partnered with The “National Fatherhood Initiative,” which is a not-for- profit organization whose sole purpose is to assist fathers from all over the country be better fathers to their kids. Macdaddys donates 10 cents to this amazing organization for each and every bag of cookies sold. It is a way for Corey to honor his father and at the same time honor ALL FATHERS.

“Giving back as well as honoring my father is by far the most important part of this whole endeavor,” as Corey explains. “My father taught me to be a person of high integrity, honesty and compassion and also hammered home the message that treating everyone the way you expect to be treated will take you a long way, not to mention teaching me how to make an amazing cookie! How could I go through my life and not make this a reality while my father is still here!” And speaking to everyone that will listen, my dad and I want everyone to taste these awesome cookies. And when we say everyone, we truly mean EVERYONE! The logo and branding were specifically designed to appeal to all ages, young and old. It’s fun. It’s cool. It’s not too serious. It says: “Sit down, relax, get yourself a glass of milk and grab your bag of Macdaddys Cookies… We really hope you do!”

In 1978 Corey’s father began baking cookies using his tiny home oven giving his cookies to friends, neighbors and then selling to local stores and bakeries. 40 Years later, Macdaddys Righteous Cookies is born. The entire family is originally from New York. Corey grew up and resides in South Florida. Macdaddys Cookies are currently being sold at retail stores, online, and at major special events. Macdaddys Righteous Cookies is an LLC. The Macdaddys Seriously Righteous Cookie logo is currently pending in US Trademark review status.

Corey Brysman


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