CLEARWATER, Fla., June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Select GCR is preparing clients in Florida for a potential recession by assisting them in diversifying with government contracting opportunities since the U.S. Government will continue to is spend despite any economic downturns.

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«When a business attains federal, state and local contracts they take advantage of different sales cycles; therefore allowing them to remain consistent throughout the year, even protecting them if there is a downward economic spiral,» says Select GCR Owner, Mandy Bortz.

All over the news comments are made that the U.S. is due for an «interruption» or «market correction». We also hear that the Federal Reserve will be raising interest rates this year and next. What goes up does come down when looking at the history of the economy, and since we have been on a good ride for some time there will be a down turn at some point.

With the uncertainty of the economy looming many B2B firms are now entering the B2G market. Seasoned business owners know that diversifying is a key to success, so many are now working commercial and government accounts. 

If a business only works with the federal government, that business will experience the same fluctuations and risks each year. Likewise, if a business only works commercial accounts they will experience the ebbs and flows of that market.

A business should not rely on one source of revenue. This would be like opening a business and only having one client. If you put all your eggs in one basket, your economy’s going to be askew. So it is best to diversify and work commercial, federal, state; and local opportunities.

Peter Cerreta, President of 3D Connectors stated, «Select GCR helped my business attain a GSA schedule and now I have an abundance of commercial and government work. We no longer have a slow time of the year, and we are growing at a fast pace since we diversified the business.»

The Federal Government spends hundreds of billions on goods and services annually, and as one of the world’s largest consumers, this is a profitable market for companies small and large. 

Since the government and commercial business have different predictable and cyclical purchasing habits, this gives each business a great opportunity to increase revenue and limit risk.

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