WESTON, Fla., May 17, 2018 PRNewswire/ — The hypersonic relentless innovators at Bang® Energy continue to reject the current crop of sub-mediocre beverage offerings with brilliant innovative options.

Meltdown® 1 KETO is the first carbonated beverage formulated with 7,500 mg of ketones and caffeine, along with Jack Owoc’s patented Aqacrine.

“Our mission is to disrupt and destroy old paradigms by breaking away from the traditional mindset that imprisons creativity. Consequently, we don’t just push the envelope – we tear it up. We can’t think outside the box because in our world there is no box. We break glass ceilings – it’s what we do.

“We are stoked to launch our “Sleek, Sexy, and Super Sophisticated” major disruptive discovery – the likes of what the beverage, health and diet industries have never seen. The excitement from the grocery, big box, convenience, and health food retailers has never been more enthusiastic than for our NEW Meltdown® 1-KETO™ breakthrough beverage.”

Jack Owoc, CEO, CSO, and Inventor of Bang Energy and the New Meltdown® 1-Keto™ Beverage

The launch of the world’s first carbonated ketone beverage is a breakthrough for gamers, fitness enthusiasts, soccer moms, or anyone who wants to obtain the health benefits from VPX’s Meltdown® beverage packed with 7,500 mg of ketones. Research supports the capability of exogenous ketones to increase mental focus, enhance energy, and improve body composition when consumed on an empty stomach in conjunction with exercise.

Meltdown® 1-KETO inventor, Jack Owoc states, “The problem with the current ketone supplements is their repulsive taste and lack of scientific sophistication. Fortunately for our friends and followers, the competition’s weakness is our strength. Our revolutionary flavor systems and relentless pursuit of taste perfection has resulted in Meltdown® 1-KETO being our most delicious beverage flavors to date.  

Jack Owoc personally spent many months with the Bang Energy flavor scientists formulating Meltdown® 1-KETO until it tasted just as amazing as its best-selling Bang® Energy beverages. The Meltdown® launch will commence in just two weeks with three mouth-watering flavors: Grape Blade Lemonade, Peach Mango, and Citrus Twist™. 

Caffeine-free Meltdown® 1 KETO™ is also available for those individuals who want to avoid stimulants and/or drink a refreshing ketogenic beverage at night. Meltdown® 1-KETO™ contains zero sugars, zero artificial colors, and zero carbs.

Ketones are naturally produced in the body after consuming an ultra-low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet. However, it can take many weeks for this to occur. Natural ketosis can also cause undesired side effects such as, muscle and strength loss, fatigue, irritability, and reduced exercise performance.  However, when taken on an empty stomach, Meltdown® 1 KETO results in an immediate increase in blood ketone levels without the side effects described above. Meltdown® 1 KETOTM is the first carbonated beverage formulated with 7,500 mg of ketones and caffeine, along with Jack Owoc’s patented Aqacrine. Previous research studies support that exogenous ketones support enhanced mental alertness, increased performance, and an increase in well-being. 

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Meltdown® 1 KETO will be available is all retail stores such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Europa Sports soon. Meltdown® 1 KETO can be pre-order on the VPX website here: https://vpxsports.com/product/meltdown-keto/

For more information about Bang, contact: Gene Bukovi at Gene.Bukovi@vpxsports.com

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