JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Recent controversial NFL press featuring PCS has made this a heated topic and has taken center stage for the medical field in the past few years. Numerous NFL players have come forward with astounding personal testaments.

PCS is often characterized by debilitating pain, tremors, insomnia, and memory loss. PCS symptoms can last for years after a concussion, effectively decreasing the sufferer’s overall quality of life as symptoms rarely subside completely. Today, treatments for PCS largely center on rest, pain relievers and even antidepressants, leaving most without quality of life.

A new form of post concussive treatment has recently been studied and the effects are truly promising. Cranial Suture Release Therapy (CSRT) applies concentrated microcurrent to cranial sutures and scars, for the purpose of reducing physical stress to relieve PCS symptoms such as insomnia, pain and tremors.  CSRT’s 30-40 minute application is non-invasive, and produces immediate and measurable physical stress reduction and increased blood flow after application.   

The case study, published in Medical Acupuncture, used sophisticated Electrocardiogram (ECG) to measure internal stress levels pre and post CSRT.  The 56 Year old female patient, suffered both a concussion and stroke, and was left with chronic head pain and tremors so severe she had difficulty holding a glass of water. CSRT was applied to acupuncture-trigger points located along her cranial sutures and surgical scars. After CSRT, her severe pain and tremors of 11 years were eliminated, much to the surprise of her neurologist, who classified her recovery as a «medical phenomena».  One year after the date of treatment, her recovery from the PCS symptomology has been quite astounding.

Former Olympic Medal Kick boxer Ingrid Hanf agrees. «CSRT saved my life.  After suffering from PCS for over for over 2 years CSRT helped me when all other therapies failed.  I am now back to work fulltime and have resumed my day to day activities, and I owe it all to CSRT.»

CSRT may be poised to become a highly effective treatment not only for PCS but potentially for the management of stroke or other stress-related diseases. This innovative approach presents us with a new genesis of how we approach concussions and head trauma therapy.

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