TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Alignment Healthcare, a mission-based Medicare Advantage insurance company founded in 2013, announced that it has partnered with Peerfit® to offer Peerfit Move, a fitness and wellness benefit to select Medicare Advantage plans throughout California and North Carolina. The partnership with Peerfit Move brings a fresh, personalized approach to fitness and wellness benefits offered to seniors.  

Peerfit is the leading digital health company working with employers to fully fund fitness experiences for their employees. (PRNewsfoto/Peerfit)

«From Day 1, Alignment Healthcare has been focused on helping seniors lead happier, healthier lives,» said Dawn Maroney, consumer president, Alignment Healthcare. «Engaging in regular exercise and physical activity has countless benefits, especially as we age, but the key to staying active is to find something you enjoy doing. Peerfit Move allows us to provide our members more choices and flexibility in how they stay fit, whether it’s through a traditional gym membership, taking dance classes or learning how to box. We are excited to introduce this new offering to our members in 2020.»

Peerfit, the market leader in connecting employers and carriers with personalized corporate fitness benefits, has been working with companies and insurance carriers to bring a different kind of wellness benefit to corporate benefits programs. Providing access to a variety of fitness offerings within a nationwide network has allowed organizations to provide personalized fitness benefits while building culture and community. Realizing the lack of similar options in the Medicare Advantage industry, Peerfit launched Peerfit Move, which provides a solution that would reach a larger population over the age of 65.

«Peerfit set out to redefine wellness back in 2017,» said Peerfit Chairman and CEO Ed Buckley, III, Ph.D. «We realized there were major gaps in the wellness benefits being offered to seniors. A partnership with Alignment Healthcare will help us provide more personalized fitness and wellness experiences for Medicare Advantage members. The one-size-fits-all fitness benefits from the legacy players do not motivate this population to be active. We’re giving them a wellness solution that builds community to help combat loneliness and provides easy access to a variety of fitness and wellness solutions to make being active easier.»

Beginning in 2020, Peerfit will administer the fitness benefit for FirstMedicare Direct plans in Wake County, North Carolina, and for Alignment Health Plan in California, which has received an overall 4.5-star rating out of a possible 5 stars from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), one of the few plans in California to receive this rating.

To learn more, please visit alignmenthealthcare.com and peerfitmove.com.


Alignment Healthcare is redefining the business of health care by shifting the focus from payments to people. We’ve created a new model for health care delivery that cuts costs and improves lives by unraveling the inefficiencies of the current system to drive patients, providers, and payers toward a common goal of wellness. Harnessing best practices from Medicare Advantage, our innovative data-management technology allows us to commit to caring for seniors and those who need it most: the chronically ill and frail. With offices and care centers across the country, Alignment Healthcare provides partners and patients with customized care and service where they need it and when they need it, including clinical coordination, risk management, and technology facilitation. Alignment Healthcare offers health plan options to California residents through Alignment Health Plan, and partners with select health plans in North Carolina and Florida to help deliver better benefits at lower costs. For more information, please visit www.alignmenthealthcare.com.

About Peerfit

Peerfit is a digital fitness platform that gives employers, their employees, and Medicare Advantage members access to a variety of fitness studios, gyms, and digitally streamed workouts, making wellness more accessible and enjoyable. Through our partnerships, Peerfit is able to offer the product to members through their health plans and insurance carriers, providing a seamless experience with their other benefits. With a network that spans across the United States, members can use their Peerfit benefit either locally or while they travel, connecting with co-workers and community members, empowering users to personalize their wellness journeys to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. Peerfit Move, a division of Peerfit, is a wellness and fitness benefit for Medicare Advantage members. For more information, please visit peerfitmove.com or peerfit.com.

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