BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DCR Workforce (DCR), a leading Vendor Management System (VMS) procurement services provider, today announced the launch of  its «2017 Product Roadmap – A Seismic Shift in the VMS Market» to showcase the innovations clients can anticipate this year.

Smart Track, DCR’s VMS, manages contingent workforces and service procurement spend associated with Statement of Work projects and outsourced consultants, automating and tracking the complete contract lifecycle management.

According to predictions from industry analyst Ardent Partners, non-employees will comprise 40% of the workforce this year. To effectively manage a contingent workforce of considerable size, companies typically enlist a Vendor Management System to control spend and manage workflow.

DCR’s 2017 Product Roadmap video features Ammu Warrier, DCR’s President and Technopreneur, giving a glimpse into the industry-changing enhancements coming this year.

«Our focus is on innovation, service for the customer and delivering solutions that are useful, that’s why we’re so excited to show our clients the latest improvements that will provide future sourcing predictions,» says Warrier. «The importance of providing Data as a Service (DaaS) for our clients can’t be overstated. It will help them precisely benchmark, fine-tune and forecast their sourcing needs based on market data combined with their own internal data through a global search engine in Smart Track. It will be a huge timesaver because they won’t have to ‘know’ where to go to find the information, the system will find it for them, and that will revolutionize how they do business.»  

The innovative features will include a One-Stop-Shop Dashboard, Rate Guidance, Market Heat Maps and enhancements to DCR’s groundbreaking Match Index Intelligence.

  • One-Stop-Shop Dashboard – Smart Track has always provided the industry’s most comprehensive reporting capability through the dashboard. Now DCR will roll out a fully dynamic experience for clients to drill down to any record and any work step without ever leaving the dashboard itself which creates enhanced flexibility, improved functionality and increased time savings.
  • Rate Guidance – DCR will deliver enhanced Rate Guidance as it improves its on-demand, location-specific, multi-dimensional analytical capabilities that establish and compare rates by category, supplier, organization, division, department or service.
  • Market Heat Maps – Currently, the Market Heat Maps combine a client’s historical selection of workers with existing market data, including industry trends and triggers, to assist with forecasting advanced capacity planning and management of their talent.  DCR will focus on modifications and market fluctuations to create new triggers.
  • Match Index Intelligence – In 2016, DCR introduced its proprietary Match Index Intelligence to pinpoint «best fit» candidates through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning of selections previously made by each hiring manager, going beyond skill verification and experience level. Going forward, DCR will enhance and enrich this functionality so the prescriptive nature to identify the «best fit» is even more precise.

«We have exciting developments to announce this year,» says Naveen Dua, DCR’s VP of Strategic Solutions. «We’ll be releasing Smart Track NOW, our completely flexible, scalable solution catering to mid-tier companies. This solution offers rapid deployment, ease of use and is designed to grow as our client’s needs change. The beauty of this is that there is absolutely no need to switch to another solution for increased capabilities. True flexibility is built in to the system to fully expand to global capabilities down the road as greater functionality is required.»

The 2017 Product Roadmap is designed to help DCR stay true to its mantra of «innovation as usual,» while still remaining flexible and responsive to customers and constantly providing fresh solutions quickly with no bottlenecks.  

To take a deep dive into DCR’s future, read «2017 Product Roadmap – A Seismic Shift in the VMS Market» to discover the plan to send shockwaves through the industry. 

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DCR is a leading provider of contingent workforce management and services procurement solutions. Smart Track, our award-winning cloud-based Vendor Management System based on innovative and adaptive technology, offers a unified approach to managing all aspects of non-employee engagement.

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