MELBOURNE, Fla., March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Approximately 2,000 students from around the globe will participate at Future Problem Solving’s International Conference at University of Wisconsin La Crosse in La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 7-11.  These students have earned a coveted invitation to the conference by displaying expertise in the creative problem solving process and futuristic thinking through qualifying competitions.

Global Issues Problem Solving and Scenario competitors arrive equipped to tackle potential biosecurity problems set 20-30 years into the future.  These teams and individuals must research all aspects of the topic to be prepared for competitive events where a futuristic scene relating to the topic of «Biosecurity» will be analyzed and addressed. 

Biosecurity – IC 2017 Topic Descriptor:

With the number of noxious pests, plant diseases and genetically modified crops increasing around the world, monitoring the movements of these across national borders is becoming increasing difficult. Equally difficult and a major concern for many countries today, is preventing them from affecting native flora and fauna as well as seriously damaging exports. A number of countries have stringent safeguards in place already, but others have little or no policy for restricting this movement. Customs officers can contain a certain number of these, but are limited by the constraints of their job and the porous nature of many borders. Besides, what are necessary safeguards to some are seen as unnecessary restraints on trade and economic growth to others. How should countries regulate the movement of the harmful species of flora and fauna across borders? How should countries cooperate with each other in dealing with these concerns?»

In addition to addressing the real-world issue of «Biosecurity,» students at the conference will compete with innovatively designed Community Problem Solving projects.  Through these projects, conducted in communities all across the globe, the students have endeavored to solve community issues in order to enhance the world for a brighter future.

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Future Problem Solving Program International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1974, has grown into an international academic program challenging students to think creatively and futuristically. Since its inception, the program has grown to include students from 16 countries and 38 states in the U. S.  It is difficult to say how many hundreds of thousands of students participate each year as the program also reaches students involved non-competitively in classrooms or after school programs that use the materials to enhance curriculum through critical and creative thinking.

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