ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — With the technological revolution ramping up and touching all aspects of everyday life, restaurants are overdue for a universal digital upgrade that is transparent in the necessary information for diners with food allergies, intolerances, health concerns or those choosing healthier foods. #KnowWhatsInYourFood is not just a hashtag – it’s a mantra to DineSafe Founders David Richard and Nick Caturano.

Steven Negri, owner of Mandy’s Pizza in Pittsburgh, PA shares «It’s amazing how the focus of food allergies or specialty diets has finally made a positive impact on the food industry. A mere 7 years ago, it was viewed by most as a «fad» when in fact it’s more about life, or potential death. Accommodating these special diets is a must and a huge benefit to a community that is loyal to those who choose to be loyal to them.»

Executive Chef James Slattery of Big Fin Seafood in Orlando is amazed at how so many restaurants continue to be stuck in the past, relying on disclaimers on their menus rather than being proactive. «It’s a matter of life or death for many- food allergies in our industry is serious business!» Slattery adds that he is disappointed by those who feel it necessary to fake food allergies to get special meals as it pollutes the process when they order the dessert containing allergens they were deathly avoiding for dinner. «It has the adverse effect – staff may let their guard down for those with true allergies.»

«I am excited to see all of the allergy-friendly options that are becoming a part of DineSafe. It encourages me to look outside of our comfort zone. Having a son with multiple food allergies means dining out is not easy or frequent. DineSafeApp let’s me research our dining options before we even leave the house. Nothing is better than being given more control of our foods and knowing there is an app that has our allergy interests at heart. My hope is that more restaurant owners will become a part of this and of part of our family as well,» said Tracy Bush Nutrimom®-Food Allergy Advocate. Tracy also recommends that dining patrons speak to their favorite allergy-friendly eateries to become a part of DineSafeApp to take pride in their allergy expertise. Nothing is better than to see the logo when searching through their favorite places to dine safely.

There are multiple food allergy laws in the UK, Europe and United States regarding allergens in the food industry. On May 05, 2017 a new law will enforce restaurant chains of 20 or more to display and have readily available menu nutritional information. Already prepared, DineSafe App has added the ability to host nutritional information with meals along with the existing allergens and dietary preferences (nutritional search matrix will be released March 2017). DineSafe presently has 11 franchises and restaurants, adding up to 40,000+ menus currently uploaded in the app. Guests can find meals that meet their specific food needs through the easy, interactive menus while personalizing their dietary requirements. «Restaurant staff assisting guests as well as guests themselves can find meals suited for them accurately in ways and speeds that typical menus and staff cannot keep up with,» says Nick Caturano of DineSafeApp. Nick also adds, «It also helps to bring as many restaurants into one place as possible, creating centrality, simplicity, convenience and standard. Best of all, it’s free for guests as well as restaurants to use.»

Available now in Apple and Android app stores.

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