DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — During an era of cut-throat competition in the draft beer industry, one of the fundamental marketing mechanisms has remained relatively unchanged for decades: the draft beer tap handle. From basic hand-hewn wood sticks to elaborate acrylic, glass and metal pieces of art, the range of shapes, styles and materials is nearly endless. Each brewery has invested countless hours and dollars into making their brands stand out at that critical moment when the bartender asks «What can I get you?». Various ales, lagers, ciders and more are left begging for the consumer’s attention and now, with the power of light, consumers are being drawn to specific choices like moths to a flame – this is the power of illumiTap technology.

From the glowing neon beer signs adorning the walls of millions of bars across the globe to the flashing lights of Las Vegas, advertisers have been harnessing the power of light to attract consumers for ages. Putting bright lights inside beer tap handles is a simple yet powerful technique to increase sales and illumiTap has been granted the worldwide utility patent on this revolutionary technology.

Early versions of illumiTap beer tap handles featured basic LED illumination and were powered by lithium-ion batteries which required recharging. This proved to be the biggest hurdle preventing widespread acceptance by the draft beer industry. Relying on bartenders to reliably connect the chargers every night was not a viable solution so the illumiTap team focused all their energy and resources on developing and perfecting a wireless power solution. In late 2016 the solution was found and the Transmitting Induction Power (TIP) standard was created.

illumiTap’s patented TIP power systems are comprised of a power sending unit and a receiving coil embedded in the base of a TIP-enabled beer tap handle. Magnetic fields are intelligently routed using Bluetooth technology to create an electronic current within the tap handle that powers various onboard technologies. The power sending unit is designed to universally-fit all beer tap tower spouts in the market. It works for front and back-bar configurations and is a true plug-and-play system that requires no modification to existing draft beer systems or hardware.

However, it’s not just about lighting up the beer tap handles. The TIP-enabled handles are a technology platform and with the addition of accelerometers and wifi or cellular connectivity, illumiTap handles are able to communicate real-time data about beer sales directly to illumiTap clients. Major beer brands can see exactly how much beer is being poured, when and where. Interaction directly with consumers can be done via Bluetooth push messaging, apps and more. illumiTap’s patented technology has opened the door to countless other technologies and companies that could license illumiTap technology or partner with them to deliver additional features and services.

With tens of millions of tap handles in use around the world today, illumiTap’s patented technology is poised to change the entire landscape of the draft beer industry. To discuss empowering your brand with illumiTap’s patented technology solutions or for press inquiries please call Brian Maxfield at 1-888-519-2457 or email [email protected]. More information is available at

United States Patent # 9,079,759 & 9,567,202.

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