MIAMI, March 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — NIFTY® Electronics today announced the introduction of a new concept in mobile charging: The NIFTY mobile charger – an innovative device that solves the charging needs of all mobile devices. The NIFTY is the first mobile charger to feature Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0, Powerloop® smart-sensing technology, and innovative TriCircuitry™ chipset for true multi-device fast-charging compatibility.

Able to intelligently detect the type of mobile device attached and charge at the fastest and safest possible speed for your smartphone, tablet or slim notebook featuring Type-C connectivity thanks to Powerloop® smart-sensing technology, the sleek, button-less NIFTY mobile charger remains on standby and wakes with just a tap, charging your mobile devices up to four times on one full charge- enough to keep you powered up all day.

«We’re excited to launch the NIFTY mobile charger, as we think it’s something the market has been missing- it not only offers a stunning design, but it’s also able to charge an array of mobile devices with true multi-device fast-charging compatibility. The NIFTY ensures our customers experience the world’s best charging solution, enabling them to stay connected at all times,» says Charlie Mora, Co-Founder, NIFTY Electronics. Carl Bolaños, Co-Founder, states, «We’re the first company to offer these speeds via TriCircuitry™ in a mobile charger, enabling customers to charge their various devices at their fastest speeds.»

The NIFTY features the world’s first smart circuitry on a mobile charger that allows four different charge types in one device:

  1. Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0
  2. Powerful 3Amps via Type-C for smartphones, tablets and the latest MacBooks
  3. 2.4Amps Fast Charging for Android devices
  4. 2.1Amps Fast Charging for iPhones and iPads

NIFTY’s innovative TriCircuitry™ is the most advanced chipset on the market, able to deliver 33% more power than other chargers- up to a combined 24W of power output, paired with a 15W input, all in a small, lightweight unit. NIFTY’s TriCircuitry™ is the only chip on a mobile charger that offers Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatibility while simultaneously and safely providing fast charging capabilities of 2.1Amps for iPhone® & iPad®.

The NIFTY comes standard with tangle-free power cables. The sleek, FlatLine™ cable series offers a flat, tangle-free profile, aluminum, seamless, oval-shaped connectors and precision-welded internals for extreme durability. Able to withstand up to 6,000 bends, the FlatLine™ cables last up to six times longer than other cables.

In the box:

  • NIFTY mobile charger with Powerloop®, TriCircuitry™, Dual-C™ Port Technology, Lumi I/O™
  • FlatLine™ Cable Series: 3ft Type-C to USB-A cable + 1ft micro USB cable

NIFTY features an intuitive five level multi-function, button-less battery level indicator that lets the user know the status of the battery level, current charging or recharging status, and also lets the user know when the NIFTY is low on power. Lumi I/O™, the world’s first LED illuminated USB port conveniently lights up for easy use under dark or low light conditions, and Boost Recharge™ allows the NIFTY to recharge itself to 100% in less than 2 hours when charged with a Type-C power adapter.

The NIFTY mobile charger will be available in three colors: Signature Stone Red, Suede Black, and Stone Gray from for $79.99 this month.

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NIFTY Electronics was established in 2015 by Co-Founders Charlie Mora and Carl Bolaños. NIFTY Electronics aims to provide cutting-edge electronics through innovative circuitry and smarter technology, paired with beautiful designs. For more information visit

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