BOCA RATON, Fla., March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Performance Brands, Inc. (, the leader in self-tanning products, has partnered with two industry icons, the #1 Amazon featured pharmacy, Pharmapacks ( to bring a quicker, richer, more affordable sunless tan directly to consumers along with Cardinal Health that serves over 3,000 independent pharmacies nationwide.

«Selling our product through this leading online retailer along with independent pharmacies provides better prices and service for customers than ‘big-box’ stores, said Stacy Kaufman, CEO, Selfie® Tan’n Go®. «With Cardinal Health as our independent pharmacy distributor and Pharmapacks online, we have the most effective combination to get this sensational product line to market,» added Kaufman.

Performance Brands founder and self-tanning entrepreneur, Stacy Kaufman, says «by offering Selfie® Tan’n Go® exclusively online through Pharmapacks, consumers can get their beautiful «Salon-Proven» bronze glow at an affordable price, in just one day.» «Selfie® Tan’n Go® is quickly becoming one of America’s leading self-tanning product lines «for good reason,» Kaufman said.

Kaufman has long considered big retail giants not the ideal distribution channel for premium salon products like Selfie® Tan’n Go®. Basically you get put on a shelf and that’s it. With online retail and independent pharmacies, you have a better chance of learning more about the product because everyone has a vested interest in offering the best products at the best prices while maintaining the customer relationship. Kaufman, the inventor of Spray Tanning, has been developing revolutionary products for 30 years and is best known for introducing his Pro Tan® liquid self-tanning products to the body building and fitness industry in early 1987. He regards Selfie® Tan’n Go® his best ever product that address all the needs of achieving the very best, flawless, long lasting tan without the sun. 

Without risking sun damage, Selfie® Self-Tanning lotions, sprays and mousse offer natural-looking radiance including wash-off gel instantly producing natural sun-kissed glow wearable under makeup. Selfie® line includes exclusive self-tanning and instant «wash-off» bronzing products combining salon-proven, sunless tanning ingredients with precise balance of skin nutrients.» 

The new line features advanced sugar cane bronzers, moisturizers, vitamins A and E, green tea and kola extracts for healthier skin while you tan. Consumers that want a bronze-glow tan, and want it NOW, can order easily online from  

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SOURCE Performance Brands, Inc.