PLANTATION, Fla., Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Taking care of pet’s teeth is just as essential as taking care of one’s own. Doing so can save time, money and avoid painful situations. February is Pet Dental Health Month, an annual reminder to take furry family members to the veterinarian for a dental check-up.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), periodontal disease is the most common pet health problem. By the age of 2, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats already have some form of it. And, oral disease affects pets in similar ways as it does people. Neglecting preventive care can lead to pain, infections, and tooth loss. Dental decay, inflammation, and gum infections can also impact a pet’s overall health – causing digestive problems, bronchial infections, and more.

Typical signs of dental issues include excessive drooling, frequent pawing at the face or mouth, worse-than-usual breath, signs of discomfort when eating harder foods or even complete avoidance of eating. Other symptoms include red and swollen gums, tartar crust along gum lines, and bleeding when gums are touched. It is important to watch for behavior changes too and notify the vet if one’s pet shows signs of annoyance, a sudden unwillingness to play, or strange mood changes.

During a checkup, the veterinarian will examine the pet for signs of tooth decay. If serious oral problems exist, a tooth extraction, deep cleaning, and even an antibiotic may be recommended.

Brushing a pet’s teeth regularly is part of being a good pet parent. It should not take more than a minute to brush your pet’s teeth, and even the smallest effort can make a big difference in their health and happiness. Plus, there are helpful dental products, treats and dental-specific diets that could also help keep their teeth healthy.

Visit’s Dental Information Center to learn more about keeping family and pets healthy, happy, and smiling.

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